Intentional Adulteration Assessment Tool (IAAT)

Intentional Adulteration Assessment Tool (IAAT) logo: Gear with keyhole in the middle with IAAT nameThe Food Protection and Defense Institute (FPDI) operationalized and enhanced IAAT building upon resources and risk estimates developed through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement between the Chemical Securities Analysis Center and ADM. IAAT models and outputs align with the requirements for a vulnerability assessment required by the FSMA Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration rule. 

The IAAT software tool is available as a downloadable platform designed to be installed on a computer at a food company (or corporate) location. A food company’s knowledgeable individual enters operational specifics of a food process into IAAT which calculates vulnerabilities based on objective criteria including threat agent characteristics and reports prioritized risk areas to the user. The knowledgeable individual may use the IAAT reports to assist in their vulnerability assessments of the food processing operation and identification of mitigation strategies needed during implementation of an appropriate food defense program. The information and results of the assessment are proprietary and retained by the food company.

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Screenshot of Intentional Adulteration Assessment Tool (IAAT): Shows dashboard that allows users to get more background, access resources, get started, interpret results and more.