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The World Factbook of Food (the “Site”) was developed and is maintained by the Food Protection and Defense Institute (“FPDI”) at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities campus.  FPDI is a Department of Homeland Security S&T Center of Excellence.   

The World Factbook of Food serves as a reference repository of data related to food. Data displayed on the Site has been collected from multiple sources.  It includes data on production, trade, common food and non-food uses, seasonality, processing steps and supply chain structure, food safety concerns, and past intentional adulteration events. The Site does not contain data on every reported adulteration event in the world.  

The World Factbook of Food and the content of the Site do not represent the opinions of the U. S. federal government, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, or of Regents of the University of Minnesota and their respective faculty, employees, agents and contractors.

General Provisions

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