Introducing the Food Protection and Defense Institute

A New Name and A New Vision

The National Center for Food Protection and Defense would like to introduce you to the next iteration of our Homeland Security Center of Excellence: the Food Protection and Defense Institute. Over the past few years, our focus and breadth of work have expanded to keep up with the evolution of the food system. Now our name, vision, and mission also reflect those efforts. As of today, September 14, 2015, we will be known as the Food Protection and Defense Institute. The core work of the Center will remain as we become an Institute with a few exciting advancements that reflect growth and our continued focus on protecting the global food supply. Continue to read for more information.

Top Stories

WFP Truck

Improving Global Supply Chains

FPDI researchers recently traveled to Sierra Leone and Rome to meet with the Logistics Cluster of the World Food Program to analyze medical supply chain visibility for the “Building Resilience in Disaster Response Systems” project.

Food Protection December Webinar

Our latest webinar on lessons learned from the 2014/2015 H5 avian influenza outbreak discusses the largest animal health emergency in U.S. history which has had far reaching effects on poultry producers, communities, and food processors.

Become a Food Defender

We are interested in hiring a new researcher to develop a food defense research program focused on mitigating intentional harm to the global food supply. This position will work collaboratively across multidisciplinary research areas.