The Food Protection and Defense Institute (FPDI), formerly known as the National Center for Food Protection and Defense, was officially launched as a Homeland Security Center of Excellence in July 2004 at the University of Minnesota. Developed as a multidisciplinary and action-oriented research consortium, FPDI addresses the vulnerability of the nation's food system. FPDI takes a comprehensive, farm-to-table view of the food system, encompassing all aspects from primary production through transportation and food processing to retail and food service.

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Dr. van de Ligt featured in R&FF November Issue


The Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Magazine published an editorial submitted by FPDI's Assistant Director, Dr. Jennifer van de Ligt, titled “How to Prepare for Terrorism in Today's Food System”. In her column. Dr. van de Ligt provides a current example of a frozen-food related attack and explains the importance of a strong food defense plan.


Register Now! VMED 5920- Food Defense: Prepare, Respond, Recover


Researchers from the Food Protection and Defense Institute will be teaching VMED 5920 at the University of Minnesota this spring. Graduate and professional students are encouraged to register for this course to learn about the basic principles of preparedness, response, and recovery in relation to a food incident. The instructors will also be discussing timely food defense events that occur during the semester.


December Webinar Series- Register Now!


Automation technology continues its explosive proliferation to generate better health care, faster food processing operations, and improved information sharing systems.  With these advances come side effects, such as increased adverse cyber related malfunctions, and the likelihood of targeted threats. The webinar will present an information sharing community that was built for the health care industry, how it has been successful, and how the food industry could benefit.