The Food Protection and Defense Institute (FPDI), formerly known as the National Center for Food Protection and Defense, was officially launched as a Homeland Security Center of Excellence in July 2004 at the University of Minnesota. Developed as a multidisciplinary and action-oriented research consortium, FPDI addresses the vulnerability of the nation's food system. FPDI takes a comprehensive, farm-to-table view of the food system, encompassing all aspects from primary production through transportation and food processing to retail and food service.

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The Food Defense Readiness Assessment 2.0 is Here!


The Food Protection and Defense Institute (FPDI) has developed a facility-based educational tool addressing key food defense components of the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and subsequent final rules.


Healthy Foods Summit 2016: Food, Microbes, and Health


This year's Healthy Foods Summit will consider the intersection of microbes and our food supply, with eminent thinkers and community partners presenting a wide range of perspectives. Both days are designed for community leaders, policymakers, citizens, and stakeholders who would like to connect with one another and today's foremost scholars, authors, and experts.


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Valuable data exists to support food defense efforts, but often this information is located across a large number of sources making it difficult to access. To address this challenge, the Food Protection and Defense Institute (FPDI) has developed databases and tools to curate information related to food defense.