The Food Protection and Defense Institute (FPDI), formerly known as the National Center for Food Protection and Defense, was officially launched as a Homeland Security Center of Excellence in July 2004 at the University of Minnesota. Developed as a multidisciplinary and action-oriented research consortium, FPDI addresses the vulnerability of the nation's food system. FPDI takes a comprehensive, farm-to-table view of the food system, encompassing all aspects from primary production through transportation and food processing to retail and food service.

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Dr. Kircher to Kick-Off UMN Headliners Series


The popular current events series hosted by University of Minnesota is starting it's 11th year with a talk from FPDI's Dr. Amy Kircher titled "Protecting Your Lunch: Food Fraud and Adulteration". Join us on October 6th at 7pm at the Continuing Education and Conference Center on the St. Paul campus. Individual tickets are $20, a series subscription is $80.


Food Protection Webinar Series Calendar


FPDI is in the process of confirming the 2016-2017 FPDI Webinar Series with new and exciting topics such as Cyber Security, Animal Feed Analysis, and Food Shock. Continue to check our website for more details and registration information over the next few weeks.


September Webinar Series- Register Now!


Global food security is threatened by a wide range of factors, including severe weather, commodity prices, and political instability. Work to address these disruptions is increasingly important given the global nature of our food supply. This webinar will feature speakers from Cargill and the World Food Programme and highlight the work of these organizations to prepare for and respond to food security disruptions.