• Food Defense and Intentional Adulteration Rule Training

    The Food Defense and Intentional Adulteration Rule course held on April 22-23 in Minneapolis, MN provides the convenience and interaction of a single, in person class to more comprehensively learn the breadth and interconnections of IA Rule requirements. Register here

  • FPDI Releases New Cybersecurity White Paper

    How real are the threats from cyberattacks to food industry control systems? How significant are the potential consequences? FPDI addresses critical food industry cybersecurity concerns with a new white paper: Adulterating More Than Food: The Cyber Risk to Food Processing and ManufacturingRead the white paper now

  • Food Adulteration Incidents Registry (FAIR)

    The Food Protection and Defense Institute's Food Adulteration Incidents Registry (FAIR) is a compilation of historical and current events involving economically motivated and intentional adulteration of foods on a global scale. Subscribe today!


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