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Food Defense Training offered in Partnership with ToxStrategies

FPDI is excited to announce our new partnership with ToxStrategies. ToxStrategies now has a worldwide license, exclusive in North America, to FPDI’s food defense and intentional adulteration rule instructor-led curriculum.

ToxStrategies is a multidisciplinary scientific consulting firm that strives to develop innovative solutions to address scientific, technical, and regulatory challenges. Offering convenient and interactive training to combat intentional adulteration is critical to FPDI's mission. Our new collaboration with ToxStrategies provides an optimal instructor-led delivery channel and extends our reach. Co-creating content with their experts provides us with the opportunity to develop food defense training for all levels of workers in a food facility.

Click on this link to access registration information for the next Intentional Adulteration Rule Food Defense Plan Essentials course.

Food Defense Online Courses

Food Defense in 15 provides food defense awareness training specifically for front line workers including employees, and their supervisors, working at actionable process steps that can be completed in 15 minutes.
Cost:  $15
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Hybrid Method of Vulnerability Assessments Mini CourseThe Hybrid Method Mini-Course teaches an efficient way to merge two types of vulnerability assessment approaches to meet the requirements in 21 CFR 121 - Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration. This course should take you approximately 1-hour to complete.
Cost:  $25
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Food defense online offered in partnership with Zosi

The Food Protection and Defense Institute is excited to announce our partnership with Zosi. Together we offer a robust library of online food defense training courses which include affordable options for employees at all levels – from manager to front line worker.

This new, exclusive food defense catalog builds on FPDI’s expertise in food defense and development and implementation of professional training programs. The food defense catalog helps meet various FDA intentional adulteration rule training requirements and allows companies to efficiently work towards compliance.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Food Defense Manager - Food Defense Manager provides food manufacturing professionals with the tools, tips, and real-life examples needed to develop and execute a successful Food Defense Plan so that their facility is prepared to handle intentional adulteration threats with confidence. This course satisfies the training requirement in 21 CFR 121.4(c)(2) of the IA Rule.
  • Food Defense Supervisor Awareness (English & Spanish) - Food Defense Supervisor Awareness offers front line food workers, their supervisors, and key stakeholders an expansive overview of food defense roles and activities, as well as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Complete with interactive exercises and applicable case studies presented in English and Spanish, this curriculum satisfies the training requirement in 21 CFR 121.4 (b)(2) of the IA Rule.
  • Food Defense in 15 - This brief online module teaches employees working at actionable process steps, and their supervisors, how to detect, report, and record intentional adulteration threats. This course satisfies satisfies the 21 CFR 121.4(B)(2) training requirement.


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