Food Defense in 15 provides food defense awareness training specifically for front line workers including employees, and their supervisors, working at actionable process steps.* After completing a Food Defense in 15 training session, employees will know how to:

  • Use mitigation strategies to protect food from adulteration,
  • Understand importance of food defense records, and
  • Report anything suspicious to supervisors.

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Cost: $15

Defensa Alimentaria en 15 brinda capacitación en concientización sobre defensa alimentaria específicamente para trabajadores de primera línea*. Después de participar en una sesión de capacitación en 15 de Food Defense, los trabajadores de primera línea sabrán cómo:

  • Utilizar estrategias de mitigación para proteger los alimentos de la adulteración,
  • Mantener registros de defensa alimentaria, y
  • Informar a sus supervisores sobre cosa sospechosa.

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*The Food Safety Modernization Act Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration (“IA Rule”) requires that individuals assigned to an actionable process step (including temporary and seasonal personnel) and their supervisors must receive training in food defense awareness (21 CFR 121.4(b)(2)). Successfully completing this course is one way to meet this training requirement.