Research at FPDI extends from fundamental to applied research where we work to transition innovative technologies for stakeholder use in protecting the food system. 

We actively work to identify current food protection and defense challenges so as to align our research and development to address them with feasible and practical solutions. Current research themes aimed at mitigating threats to the food supply focus on Predictive Analytics, Supply Chain Resiliency, Intentional Adulteration and Food Fraud, Vulnerability Risk Analysis, Event Modeling, and Cybersecurity in Food Systems. FPDI has accomplished 175 research projects within our consortium focused on protecting the food system. In addition to the current research themes, research capabilities also include Agent Behavior, Information Sharing, Systems Strategies, Risk Communication, and Education targeted for food defense and homeland security. The breadth of the FPDI research portfolio and connections to researchers and experts across the world provide an unparalleled network to undertake research for protection and defense of the food system.

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Food Protection and Defense Institute
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